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George Eliot’s Grave and a Rising Tempest at Highgate:

2 April, 2010

Yesterday, at Highgate Cemetery, I took this photograph of George Eliot’s grave using the ‘panorama’ function on my mobile phone.  In the 5-10 seconds between shots, the weather changed, as you can see, rather dramatically.  When I left the flat that morning, it was sunshine and blue skies.  In the time it took me to take this photograph, London changed from sunshine to showers.  Suffice to say, I had not brought an umbrella.

George Eliot.jpg

Her tombstone reads:

Of the Immortal Dead Who Live Again

In Mind Made Better By Their Presence

Here Lies the Body


‘George Eliot’

Mary Ann Cross

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  1. dancingbeastie permalink
    3 April, 2010 2:08 pm

    What a wonderfully atmospheric photo. I’m sure she would have appreciated it.

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