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If it Weren’t for You Meddling Kids! A Scooby-Doo Adventure

10 March, 2010

Welcome to the Great Barrington Fair in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  Ravaged by a tornado nearly 10 years ago, this race track hasn’t been touched since (except by drunken teenagers and bums).

The Fair grounds are now derelict and overgrown.  As the plants takeover, there are still betting receipts littering the ground and toilet paper in the bathrooms.  It is deliciously eerie, especially at dusk, when you get the full Scooby-Doo effect.


No more betting happening here


These seats are taken


A bit overgrown


Fire truck no longer in service

The real mystery here, gang, is how there was a tornado in Massachusetts.

The charm of the language I’ve used (zoinks, ‘if it weren’t for you meddling kids’, etc.) is lost on those who didn’t watch Scooby-Doo in their youth.  You missed out on some wonderful 1970s children’s entertainment.

The Great Barrington Fair in better days:


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  1. John gerbner permalink
    15 March, 2010 12:55 am

    My favorite caption: “These seats are taken”

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