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the Best Staircase in the World

25 February, 2010

A close rival to the Bookshelf Chair is the Bookshelf Staircase:

I love that the steps are designed for sitting and reading (notice that each step has a shorter half, making it more comfortable for sitting).

See the Best Chair in the World

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  1. John gerbner permalink
    15 March, 2010 12:50 am

    I love this staircase. How did I never think of this? I looked on the blog it came from – lots of uninteresting and some interesting comments, but this one took the cake…..she read the book spines!

    Thankyou for the much more detailed photographs of the book case staircase. Lesley from London and I have been trying to decipher publishers and titles over on the Veronika and Sebastian apartment page. From the top I get Pan paperbacks from the late 50s through to the 70’s followed by Penguins (orange spine) Olympia Press (Foursquare imprint) (green and white spines) Chatto and Windus Phoenix Library (interwar – green and blue gilt spines); Johnathan Cape Traveller’s Library (interwar – blue spines) some early Doubleday and Oxford World Classics (grey and green dustjacketed spines) followed by some post war Modern Library editions and Everyman editions (red and yellow spines). The next shelf down are all Penguin Pelicans (blue spines) dating from the 30s onwards and a three Pan Pipers (white spines black type) beneath that is a mixture but there is a group of Kegan Paul’s Today and Tomorrow Series (purple spines with white labels) from the 1920s and maybe some of their red spined Psyche Miniature series. The second last shelf look like modern semiotext(e)s (US imprint) followed by old Fontana modern masters (black spines/white text) then a mixture of titles including some more Pelicans and a couple of Granada editions of Aldous Huxley – one of the few titles that can be made out.

    posted by Mrs Margaret Irwin on February 27th 2008 at 12:25am
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  2. 15 March, 2010 12:15 pm

    Wow! She’s got good eyesight! Thanks for sharing.

    Also, I think you should built one of these. I’m not sure where…perhaps my future flat, wherever that may be.


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