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13 January, 2010

You know you’re of interest to Society when your vacation plans are written up in the newspaper.

society pages (1).jpg

I wonder where these ladies were summering?


The clipping and photo were found together in an book on antique furniture (thanks to SB).

For those Diligent Observers whose curiosity leads them down useless roads of inquiry:

Old Branchville Road, where Mr. and Mrs. White Hubbard spent a splendid 10 days, is a quiet road in the woods of Ridgefield, Connecticut.  Beginning in the 19th Century, wealth NYC families built their summer ‘cottages’ in and around Ridgefield.  Google Maps Street View shows it to be a pretty appealing area, with those charming ‘cottages’ up winding drives and a lake right off Old Branchville Road.

The Chimney Corner Inn, advertised as the ‘famous colonial inn’, was torn down by developers in 1991 and replaced with a shopping mall.  For those who want to join the Author down that particular rabbit hole, she hopes you will enjoy these Life Magazine photographs and a postcard of the Inn pre-demolition.

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