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A Graveyard Edition

19 December, 2009



Highgate Cemetery, London

Emma Martha, the beloved wife of Stephen Warren, broke free of her semi-gated monument in Highgate Cemetery East.  Mrs. Warren accomplished her escape in a tidy fashion, only slightly impinging upon the personal resting space of her neighbors, Mr. And Mrs. Henry Browne (they are not easily disturbed).  Emma Martha was able to dig her way to living air after 174 years of methodically scrapping upwards with her two forefingers.  Her husband, featured on her tomb, is buried miles away at ‘The General Cemetery of Nottingham’.  She now traverses the city looking for him.

(One wonders, was she the rebellious daughter of a well-to-do family who ran off with a miner from Nottingham?  Did her life run like a melodramatic re-imagining of a D.H. Lawrence story?  And was it only in death that she was accepted back into the family acknowledgement and deposited her in the gentile realm of Highgate?  He, on the other hand, was left for a common burial in Derbyshire.)

Meanwhile, in America:

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge Massachusetts


Diligent groundsmen keep watch over such escapes and tend to necessary repairs.  Special acknowledgement to the individual that mended cracks with a cross.  Practical and witty.



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