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Get Thee to a Nunnery!

14 December, 2009

I had always been under the impression that church bells were rung by a Quasimodo-like figure up in the forgotten heights of the bell tower.  Not in this nunnery in Brugge:  On the hour, every hour, a nun tugs a great long rope hanging from the ceiling of the church with all her might and the sound of the bell resounds throughout the town.


(She must have mighty arm muscles, one thinks)

A Wandering Nun in the Begijnhof Nunnery, Brugge

Photographer’s note: I was rather uncomfortable taking these pictures, and in consequence, I took them on the sly (as you can especially see in the former photo)  Is it uncouth to photograph nuns?  I was particularly unsure about taking a photograph of a nun in a church, which I sheepishly took on my discrete mobile phone).  Where is the manners guide for such conundrums?

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