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Young Explorers

9 December, 2009

Oh, how wonderful it is to be a child!  Those lucky whippersnappers, they’re allowed in the ball pit at IKEA, don’t have to look for a job and get fun free museum kits such as this: The Young Explorer’s Pack.  Given, by request, at the Wellcome Collection in London, the kit is a canvas bag filled with goodies such as a chunk of clay, a pencil, a paper moustache and a booklet of fun science experiments and facts.

If you’re, unfortunately, past those days of yore, fret not, you may still be able to snag a pack!  Just ask at the front desk and give off the impression that you have children who are just around the corner.

young explorers

Young explorer 2.jpg

A word on the Wellcome Collection: it’s a medical museum – but don’t let the medicine aspect deter you.  The museum’s Victorian founder, Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome, was a dandy explorer who collected an impressive amount of curios.  Haven’t you always wanted to see Napoleon’s golden toothbrush?  18th Century chastity belts?  A 14th Century mummy from Peru?  I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t.


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