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Interesting Discoveries Found in Much Less Interesting Books

2 December, 2009

Oh! How thankful I am for those people who fill pages of books with newspaper clippings, train tickets, love letters, business cards, &c.  All of these wonders for book inheritors to discover!  Here’s a clipping; it’s the back of an article about an antiques show

cartoons Antique.jpg

Allow me to introduce you to ‘Myra North, Special Nurse’, who graced the Funny Pages from 1939-1941.    A special nurse indeed, Myra spend more time travelling to exotic locals and thwarting dastardly villains than tending to patients.  Doesn’t Effendi have a nice moustache?

To find out how this daring venture concludes, take a gander at the archive:

(Found within the pages of Vol. I of ‘Furniture Treasury: All Periods of American Furniture with Some Foreign Example in America. Also American Hardware and Household Utensils’ By Wallace Nutting.

Many thanks to Sean Blanchet for his keen eye and love of antiques.)


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