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Why So Sad, Statues?

16 November, 2009

In my travels, I’ve noticed some forlorn looking statues:

Signore Federico Setsmit-Dodo, a sorrowful looking character, sits in his heavily tasseled chair and ponders a particularly though-provoking passage.  Head leaning in hand, he glances despondently at the book and ignores the dogs who sniff around his base and the bird that has brazenly stationed itself on his head.

Federico, Seismit-Doda

Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, Rome (2006)

The Emperor of Austria, King of Bohemia etc. and Apostolic King of Hungary in a humble pose with his face sombre and eyes cast down. What causes you such disquiet and introspection?   Political turmoil? A few unfortunate outcomes at war?  Missing Sisi?  Oh, Jóska, you strike quite a tragic figure in this pose.


Franz Josef I in Vienna (2008)


And you, dear fellow, I didn’t catch your name, but I wish you nothing but good cheer and merriment.  Buck up.

sad Toulouse

Toulouse, France (2009)

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  1. 26 November, 2009 12:42 am

    Apparently the forlorn Toulousain is Éphraïm Mikhaël, a symbolist poet. They were generally quite gloomy.

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